Concrete Structure Investigations COVID-19 advice for clients


Hello valued clients and contacts,

Concrete Structure Investigation’s response to the Covid-19 Level 3 alert, with the upgrade to Level 4 Wednesday midnight:

CSI can continue to work remotely on your queries for pricing and completing reports where data has already been collected., as our team can work remotely on these and share electronically for peer review.

CSI can go to site where the work is for Essential Services, but we will not be able to attend non-essential site work until the current Level is downgraded.

As with the rest of the country, we are very sorry not to be able to progress your business requirements beyond the points above. We wish you all to be safe and let’s hope we can beat the spread of the virus and be back to work as soon as possible.

If you are contacting us about some pricing here are some really good tips so that we can get it right for you:

To assist CSI’s representatives with ensuring that we can provide you with the most cost effective, accurate and timely pricing and service we request you please share with us any information that you may have about the structure or building you are enquiring about. Sending us all drawings, photos and any other relevant information will ultimately benefit your project and allow us to be more informed. Please see below for a list of required information.

If you have any of the below information please share it with us

  • As built plans (Structural and architectural)
  • Scoping Documents
  • Photos
  • Hazzard registers and health and safety plans
  • Asbestos registers

If you have information and are unsure that it is useful please do send it to us regardless, to be able to provide our best service we require to be informed.

Please contact Kurtis 0800 33 77 67 if you have any questions.

Best regards, The Team at CSI


CSI has extensive experience working on historic and heritage buildings, both for Building Owners and on behalf of other construction professionals.

Myers Park Kindergarten, Ack

Scanning was undertaken at the Myers Park Kindergarten (pictured) as a part of its seismic assessment

Faraday St Textile Centre

A couple of our team at height scanning the building’s facade

Scott Building, Otago University

Ferroscan of the masonry wall. We have superimposed the image to help gain perspective

St James Theatre

Parking space

182-184 Queen St, Auckland

Premier Buildings 1907' - as it was in 1934, and how it is today.

We recognise that heritage buildings need to have a viable use to ensure their long-term future, and that seismic upgrading is often incorporated into renovation/alteration schemes.

CSI can assist where there is a lack of drawings (often the case with older buildings), and where unrecorded alterations have been undertaken during the lifetime of the building.  CSI can check assumptions made by designers about the subject structure.

CSI has a broad knowledge base, with licensed and qualified professionals who understand building techniques used in historic structures of all types.

Using non-destructive investigation techniques where possible to minimise the impact on historic fabric.

CSI has the experience necessary (and is keen to engage and work with Building Owners, their tenants and consultants) to provide the required data efficiently.