NZIBS Rotorua 2018 National Conference Review

At the end of September Kurtis Cuttle (CSI General Manager) and Daniel Traeger (CSI Wellington and R&D Leader) made the […]

October 19th, 2018

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CSI stand at NZIBS conference

Daniel Traeger at the CSI stand

At the end of September Kurtis Cuttle (CSI General Manager) and Daniel Traeger (CSI Wellington and R&D Leader) made the trek to New Zealand’s tourism capital – Rotorua, for the annual New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) National Conference.  CSI was lucky enough to be able to host a stand and workshop sessions for the attendees.  The stand was well attended – maybe something to do with the laser ruler competition the guys were running (congratulations once again to Graham Hodgson from Pre-view who took out the prize).

It was great to have the opportunity to talk with all who visited our trade stand and it was concerning to hear about some of the projects that the surveyors were involved in. I felt that a lot of the people I talked with were very engaged by our services and felt that they would be of use to them.” Kurtis Cuttle, GM CSI.

There was also some great engagement in the workshop sessions and some good interest in the topics that Kurtis and Daniel presented.  Some eye openers for some and acknowledgment from the group of experienced surveyors that were in attendance.  The topics included:

  • Unfilled Drossbachs
  • Corrosion (even in relatively young buildings)
  • Concerns about Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) run by Bob the Builder => irresponsible salesmen sell it as smart technologies which they aren’t
NZIBS Workshop session

Kurtis running one of the workshop sessions

Congratulations to the NZIBS on putting together such a well run, successful conference.  It was obvious to us that the institute is in great shape.  Plenty of engaged and supportive members all working together to the benefit of us all across New Zealand.  Along with the networking with the members, attending the conference gave the CSI team a chance to meet with other suppliers as well.  There were some interesting products for sale, the team is looking forward to having a presentation from PlanGrid around the use of their system. It will be interesting how the system might incorporate into CSI’s current reporting structure.

Thanks again NZIBS for the hospitality you showed us over the weekend and we look forward to following your progress with great interest over the next 12 months.  See you all again at the 2019 National Conference.

For more information on any of the topics mentioned above that were covered in the CSI workshops, please feel free to contact the CSI team on 0800 33 77 67 or email

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