Pile Integrity Tests

1. What are ?

Pile Integrity Testing is a low-strain, non-destructive testing method that assesses the condition of cast-in- place piles, drilled shafts or driven concrete/timber piles.

2. When would you use ?

A client may need to determine integrity and/or toe depth of piles to ensure they meet specified load capacities. PIT is especially useful on standalone piles, i.e. those not connected to a footing and before construction of the superstructure (visible portion of the building). Piles with connecting elements can also be tested, in certain conditions

3. What are the Benefits of ?

  • Mobile – portability of PIT device enables CSI technicians to operate in remote areas
  • Non-destructive – pile is not damaged during the process (the hammer strike is quite light)

4. Limitations

Standard – ASTM D5882 − 07 Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations

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