Working with Buliding Surveyors across New Zealand

One of the key industry groups we work with are Building Surveyors across New Zealand. As our specialty is in the […]

August 15th, 2017

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One of the key industry groups we work with are Building Surveyors across New Zealand. As our specialty is in the nondestructive investigation of key structural elements, we have become increasingly involved with identifying areas in need of retrofit and we work in conjunction with the Structural Engineers in charge of this aspect of the projects.  We have also become increasingly involved in legal disputes where areas of concern need to be identified and act as independent expert witnesses.

A significant benefit of CSI is our absolute independence, alongside the significant Research and Development funds we put into making nondestructive testing a reliable approach.  The technology we use is groundbreaking and we invest a lot of time (and money) into understanding it thoroughly.  For example, one of our technicians (Daniel) has recently spent time in Germany and Switzerland researching Ultrasonic devices to ensure we use them reliably and to their maximum potential, also ensuring we purchase the best devices available on the market.

CSI can work while buildings are still occupied and cause very little disruption, we also manage our own works entirely in terms of Health and Safety and Builder’s Work, delivering results in a timely fashion.

We have always understood that it is not the ‘purchasing of non-destructive technologies’ that is the key to using them successfully; it is doing the R & D with the devices and having the ‘brains trust’ to do the analysis.  We employ people who have the qualifications to understand the signals in nondestructive testing technologies, and have made it their main interest (e.g. Mechatronics Engineers).

If you work in the building surveyor industry, feel free to check out our website, to better understand the services we provide, while you are there, have a look at some of the projects we have completed and the Blogs posted to date; to give you an idea of the range of services we offer.

If you’re a building surveyor and would like to speak to an expert, then drop us a line directly via email or phone CSI on 0800 33 7767.

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    Am highly interested in CSI activities. I would like to keep abreast of CSI activities most especially on training and equipment.

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