About CSI – Experts In Use Of Non-Destructive Testing

Wellington Gold Awards
We started with a team of 2, scanning buildings throughout New Zealand. It was obvious there was  a lot of range to develop expertise in the field of non-destructive testing. Instead of settling for the generic and ordinary, we did our own in depth research to maximise the capabilities of the technology to get the results required by our clients.

We have grown to a fantastic team of 16 with each person a star in their field (including part time and Contract staff). Not only are we proud to deliver high quality results using the best tools on the market, we are also extremely proud to offer services that you can only get with Concrete Structure Investigations Ltd. We are continuing to develop new sciences and technologies so we can remain above and beyond the standard. We are excited for the future of non-destructive testing!

CSI has been given recognition and credibility in the industry as CSI is employed as EXPERT WITNESSES in cases of questionable use of non-destructive technologies, and also to assist in DATA COLLECTION in cases of suspected poor construction.

Please see ‘Services‘ to discover the full range of expertise CSI offers.