GSSI Scanning Kit

1. What is GSSI Scanning Kit?

GSSI scanners can collect data up to 1m in concrete, with reliable clarity of information.  Also, with the Palm Scanner we are now able to access those tight spaces.  We can report in full 3-D and have the ability to export to CAD.

As part of CSI’s GSSI suite, the  BridgeScan system provides a non-destructive means to accurately assess the health of  bridge decks and concrete structures. This may include elevated chloride content, concrete degradation and/or corrosion

The Palm Antenna offers users the ability to reach tightly spaced areas that were previously inaccessible such as corners, against walls and around obstructions

2. When would you use GSSI Scanning Kit?

One of the services possible with the GSSI kit is bridge scanning.  BridgeScan is a complete, effective GPR system that is a comprehensive tool for quickly determining the condition (delamination, asphalt cover and reinforcement cover) of aging bridge decks, wharf decks, parking structures, balconies and other concrete structures.

The BridgeScan module has a process specifically for quality assurance (QA) studies on new concrete bridge decks.

3. What are the Benefits of GSSI Scanning Kit?

Traditional bridge deck inspection methods, like hammer soundings and chain dragging, rely on a person to interpret acoustical feedback to determine good and bad areas of concrete. In traditional methods assessment of ageing decks would require removal of asphalt overlays The application of BridgeScan provides an accurate condition assessment of a bridge deck as well as other reinforced concrete structures.  The data is not just marked out onsite or roughly transposed onto a plan (as in acoustic methods), but is measured and able to be precisely identified in-perpetuity; based on co-ordinates.

The goal of this application in Quality Assurance on new decks is to ensure that there is adequate concrete cover over the top layer of reinforcing steel.

4. Limitations

The use of the GSSI kit in QA of new bridge decks is not applicable to asphalt overlaid decks.  There are general Ground Penetrating Radar Limitations on our Limitations page



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