Material Testing

1. What is Material Testing?

CSI offers concrete and steel reinforcing bar properties testing through compressive and uniaxial tension tests, respectively. The test to determine concrete compressive strength conducted according to NZS 3112: Part 2: 1986 while the test to determine the tensile strength of reinforcing bars is conducted according to AS/NZS 4671.

Additionally, CSI is also able to determine weld shear strength of mesh reinforcement, where the test is conducted according to BS EN ISO 15630-2.

2. When would you use Material Testing?

When you want to experimentally determine the properties of concrete and steel reinforcingĀ material from existing reinforced concrete structures, for example because such specifications cannot be found or simply for quality assurance purposes.

3. What are the Benefits of Material Testing?

There are different purposes for knowing the properties of concrete and steel reinforcing material in existing reinforced concrete structures. For example, to be used in design calculations for structural upgrade, additional loading with significant intensities to be installed on the structures, or if there is concern about environmental effects on the original properties of the concrete and steel materials, such as chloride ingression to concrete or thermal exposure on steel reinforcement (i.e. in the event of fire).

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