Concrete Scanners

Concrete Scanning for Non-destructive Concrete Investigations.

What is concrete scanning

Concrete scanning is a non-destructive testing method used to assess and locate objects embedded within concrete structures. This technique employs various technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) or electromagnetic scanners to detect and visualise the presence of reinforcing bars, conduits, post-tension cables, and other subsurface features without causing damage to the concrete.

Concrete scanning is commonly employed in construction and civil engineering projects to ensure the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and other concrete structures. It aids in avoiding accidental damage to hidden elements during renovations, drilling, or cutting activities, enhancing safety and minimising the risk of structural compromise. The information obtained through concrete scanning allows project managers and engineers to make informed decisions and plan construction or maintenance activities more effectively.

We offer concrete scanning in Auckland and throughout all New Zealand

Equipped with advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and ultrasonic scanners, we excel in non-destructively detecting and visualising subsurface elements within concrete structures.

Whether you’re embarking on construction, renovation, or maintenance projects, our experienced team ensures the structural integrity of your buildings and bridges. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we mitigate risks and minimise the potential for accidental damage to vital structural components, empowering you to execute projects with trust.

Discover our range of scanners we use for concrete scanning

Our team use a variety of tools to further investigate void depth, utilities and steel reinforcement in concrete. For example, the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used to accurately locate steel reinforcement.

GPR is a rapid, cost-effective and 100% non-intrusive method. GPR can help inspectors and engineers verify the as-built reinforcement, identify top and bottom rebar locations (i.e. in slabs, and walls), and find the configuration of transverse reinforcement. 

concrete scanner #2

For example, if structural engineers need to verify the spacing of the reinforcement in the potential plastic hinging zone, GPR can help verify the spacing of the stirrups. GPR can also be used to identify the amount of concrete cover over the reinforcement. Additionally, the use of a Ferroscanner verifies concrete cover and identifies ties in brick walls.

Another important group of tests is ultrasonic testing of concrete. Ultrasonic methods, such as Ultrasonic Pulse Echo can be used to predict the thickness of concrete elements with one-side access. Ultrasonic Pulse Echo can also be used for determination of grout fill of Drossbachs, ReidBar Grout Sleeves and Post-tension (PT) Ducts. The Ultrasonic Device and GPR can be used to identify voids in concrete.

concrete scanner #1

The 900Mhz GSSI antenna/scanner has capability to scan for large voids and reinforcement up to 1m depth.

concrete scanning NDT

The GSSI Bridge Scan Radar is useful for detecting deterioration of reinforcement in bridge and wharf decks over large areas. The Bridge Scan Radar can produce a cover survey of reinforcement for Quality Assurance.

concrete scanner #3

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