What we do

Rebar Corrosion Determination

Corrosion of reinforcing steel is an electrochemical process, and the behaviour of the steel can be characterised by measuring its […]

Pile Integrity Tests

Low strain integrity test is one of the methods for assessing the condition of cast-in-place piles, drilled shafts or driven […]

Reinforcing Yield Strength Tests

Because concrete has high compressive strength but low tensile strength, it is reinforced by embedding steel within its structure. Reinforcing […]

Corrosion Control

Galvanic corrosion control is applied to areas between patch repaired sites, where corrosion has been initiated, but spalling has not […]


Reinforcing Verification Reporting: CSI provides non-destructive structural analysis for locating reinforcing bars, pre-tensioning tendons, plastic pipes, electric cables and cavities […]

Corrosion Surveys

Corrosion Condition Survey: CSI assesses the deterioration mechanisms and causes of the associated damage that are designed to lead to […]


PS 1000 X-Scan Limitations Due to the scanning principle employed, certain unfavourable circumstances may affect the result: Multiple layers and […]

Crack Monitoring

CSI use crack monitors to gauge horizontal or vertical movement across a crack on flat or adjacent surfaces.

Anchor Testing

Why you may need it Tests are carried out to ensure the selection and installation of adequate post-installed anchors in […]

Stress Measurement

Wind, traffic, movement of people, changes in temperature or changes to a building itself can cause almost imperceptible stretches in […]

Unreinforced Masonry

Unreinforced Masonry or (URM) is a type of construction that has in the past been widely used in New Zealand, […]