Customised Approach to the Compusoft Project

Compusoft Engineering Ltd was charged with completing a detailed seismic assessment of a structure in Auckland. CSI was engaged by the building owner and Compusoft were the consultant engineers in the project.
The building has multiple stories and was constructed utilising reinforced concrete construction and the recorded drawings gave the option to use either discrete bars or non-ductile mesh to reinforce the floor diaphragm. However, there was no record of what was used in the as-built construction.
The original assessment identified some deficiencies in the seismic resisting system that would require retrofit strengthening.

Project Requirements

Due to the ambiguity and uncertainty in the construction details, CSI was engaged to scan and confirm the reinforcement present.
The key focus was to confirm that the ‘as-built’ reinforcement detail in the slab was in place, as this would influence the extent of strengthening required.
Through scanning of the floor, it was established what reinforcement was used in the floor diaphragms. Scanning also identified variances in the as-built construction from that detailed in the record drawings. In particular, CSI was able to confirm that a number of starter bars were not installed as required.

Customised Approach to the Compusoft Project
Customised Approach to the Compusoft Project


Due to the specific job requirements, CSI worked very closely with the engineer to develop a unique approach. We had two people on-site with one person doing the scanning and the second person undertaking an interim review of the scans as soon as each one was completed. Instead of taking the scans and then going away and reporting on these, we were able to provide interim analysis direct to the engineer on-site for them to action which in turn facilitated a very targeted investigation.

Benefits of Solutions

The correct identification of the reinforcement detail allowed the engineer to custom-make a retrofit design program in a timely fashion. This along with the targeted investigation saved a huge amount of time and money in design changes and program planning.
Due to the very tight time frames, the customised approach taken by CSI (of having two people on-site for interim analysis) allowed the engineer to meet the project deadlines.

Taking an innovative and pragmatic approach to developing a solution that best meets the needs of the client is an important consideration of the team at CSI. As this case study demonstrates, this flexibility helps to deliver quality and value for clients with results that can be relied upon.

CSI working alongside the engineer allowed the investigation to move forward efficiently. With realtime results, the engineer was easily able to adjust the target locations based on the preliminary findings. The end result was a quick and concise project, with a comprehensive report outlining the details in question. It was a pleasure working with Compusoft and it’s great to see how proactive they were during this investigation”
“We were surprised just how much of a variance there was between the original plans and our preliminary findings

Darren – Operations Manager, CSI

CSI was very flexible with their approach which allowed me to assess the implications of the findings as they were made rather than having to wait for processing. This worked well, greatly saving on the total time on site and the overall cost to the client. Results were clear and gave me an understanding of the building that cannot be obtained from the record information alone. The knowledge gained has given us confidence that the strengthened building will perform as intended during a seismic event.
I would have no hesitation in recommending CSI to my colleagues or clients in the future
Derek – Structural Engineer – Compusoft