Reinforcing Verification Reporting:

CSI provides non-destructive structural analysis for locating reinforcing bars, pre-tensioning tendons, plastic pipes, electric cables and cavities in concrete at depths of up to 300mm.

CSI Reports Generally Contain:

  1. Marked up drawings, which show where the scans were carried out.
  2. Photo collage showing the scanned locations.
  3. 2D & 3D images and data associated with the locations scanned.
  4. Description of reinforcing verified; with a full conclusion.
Reinforcing seismic tie bar connection location
The two scanners mentioned below can find bar connection detail.

Hilti PS200 Ferroscanner: Determines the position of reinforcement, measures depth of cover and estimates the diameter of rebars in a non-destructive manner.

Hilti PS1000 GPR Scanner: Designed to provide a 3D image of the location of reinforcement bars and other metallic / non-metallic objects in concrete up to a depth of 300mm.

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