Snells Algies

Working on the Snells Algies Pipe Bridge was a great experience because it was the first time we took on a project that required nearly all the services CSI provides. We are used to working in buildings and other structures but on this job, it was our first time being deep in mud and other substances.

Project Requirements

The client required various services in order to gather the necessary information to successfully install new pipes. The following work was completed:

  • Pile Integrity Testing/ Acoustic Sounding in order to assess the condition of the concrete columns and supporting structures as well as determine their depth.
  • Concrete Condition Survey which included testing the covers of the concrete piles, chloride and carbonation testing, and visual inspections.
  • Ferroscanning to prevent hitting any steel reinforcement when coring into the concrete as well as gathering information on the reinforcement.
  • Concrete Coring to gather samples of the concrete for lab testing.
Snells Algies
Snells Algies
Snells Algies


We began doing a concrete condition survey on the concrete piles that were holding up the sewage pipes. This was no easy task as we were only able to work when the tide allowed. Also, the rough and muddy terrain caused many difficulties when it came to bringing in and packing away our tools and materials. But boy do we love a challenge! We inspected the piles for any cracks, rust, or other imperfections. Once finished, we used our ferroscanner to gather information on the reinforcement (if any) in order to accurately obtain core samples for chloride and carbonation testing. Lastly, we attempted to perform pile integrity tests on 10 piles, however, we were unable to due to the asbestos encasing the piles. We advised the client to remove the asbestos for accurate test results but they chose not to and the tests were abandoned.

Benefits of Solutions

We were able to provide the client with a clear and comprehensive report on all our findings and results from the chloride and carbonation tests. Even though the client did not want to proceed with the asbestos removal for accurate pile integrity tests, the information we provided allowed them to successfully plan out the installation of new pipes and complete their upgrades.