Meet Michael Roach – CSI Founder and Co-Director

Along with Jane Roach, Michael is the Co-Director of CSI Ltd and the founder of the business they set up […]

November 1st, 2017

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Along with Jane Roach, Michael is the Co-Director of CSI Ltd and the founder of the business they set up back in 2013.  In our latest blog we take some time to find out a bit more about Michael, what makes him tick, his passions and his motivation for business.

Michael is a keen runner and cyclist and before starting CSI Ltd he had more time for competing in triathlons, nowadays it just has to be a choice of one thing! “either a run, a cycle or a gym workout”, he says.  “No time for multiple time-consuming activities in one-day unfortunately”

Also in a previous life Michael flew both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters commercially and along with his passion for food, wine and cooking (perhaps not at the same time as the flying) Michael is very keen to pick up these leisure activities when time allows.    All pleasurable and relaxing for Michael, and the best way to unwind. – “There’s just not enough hours in the day”, he says!!!

Michael’s one exception to having minimal down-time is an overseas trip each year.  He and Jane (and step-daughter) are keen travelers and they try to find time each year to explore a new destination.  “I love history and in particular, historical architecture (this should be no surprise!).  I have been blown away by the historical towns in areas such as Cinque Terre on the Mediterranean Coast of Italy, Opera District in Paris etc.  The list goes on”.

Back to work and CSI Ltd, Michael is very focused and driven to find solutions to challenging problems for CSI clients and in particular, finding solutions using non-destructive testing technologies.

The level of detail in the reports is what sets CSI apart, Michael says – that, and teamwork. While he and wife Jane run the company – ‘‘I sit there and dream about ideas of what we can do! – it’s our wonderful team of engineers and technicians that make the difference – doing the scanning and crunching the numbers and reporting back”, says Michael

Michael with some of the Hilti scanning equipment

Back in 2005 he was shown a new line of concrete scanners by a rep from manufacturer Hilti.  ‘‘I just loved the idea of it – being a techie at heart – and could see a use for it”.

Networking is an almost daily event – Michael belongs to a breakfast club with other Wellington business people, although seldom finds time to attend these days as he spends a lot of his time in Auckland.

‘‘It’s a good start to the day,’’ he says, ‘‘I get up at 5, go to the gym, then go and have breakfast and bounce a few ideas off everyone when I am in Wellington – it’s great for inspiration and motivation.’’

Not that he needs much motivation.  ‘‘If I had my time again, I’d find some niche like this much earlier in life, and a like-minded business partner that had complementary skills and the drive that I have”.

‘‘It’s the dreamer in me – coming up with ideas on how we could do something else, or provide another service – that’s just what I do.’’

‘‘Most of our clients are engineers who been asked to assess a certain structure,’’ Michael says. ‘‘Sometimes they’ll find that there are no drawings, other times there may have been alterations over the years – we’re able to go in and give the makeup of the elements – walls, ceilings, columns, beams and so on.’’

The hand-held electromagnetic and GPR scanners will show up metal reinforcing within concrete.

‘‘The whole idea is we can give the engineers information that they can go away and do an analysis on, and nine times out of ten it’ll save the building owner a lot of money.’’

He describes himself as an ideas man, but Michael Roach is definitely well grounded.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi then contact Michael direct via email or connect with him on LinkedIn.



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