NDT Providers: Separating the chaff from the wheat

NDT Providers: Separating the chaff from the wheat – why value is about more than just price How, as a […]

July 5th, 2019

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NDT Providers: Separating the chaff from the wheat – why value is about more than just price

How, as a client, do you judge the merits of NDT providers? When it comes to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) it’s important to engage the BEST provider for your project, as building structures (and lives) can depend on getting it right. We’ve put together a guide below to some of the key areas that you should consider when engaging an NDT provider – and not one of them is based on price.

Non-destructive testing is at the foundation of what we do here at CSI (pun intended). We believe that we have New Zealand’s most experienced NDT team and we’ve been involved in some amazing projects including the iconic O’Connell Street “O” in Auckland. We are also the only provider in New Zealand qualified to use innovative ultrasonic testing technology as part of our range of services.

It is because of our expertise that we have been recruited as Expert Witness in a number of court cases dealing with not only poor construction practices but also the reckless use of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technologies.

You should ask: How experienced is the provider? Ask to see a portfolio of work that highlights a range of services on offer – not all services are right for every project. The portfolio should resonate with your project and provide you with some great references to contact.

Continuous Improvement
We can’t emphasize enough how important continuous improvement is within the NDT industry. As technology and techniques change and improve, so must all NDT providers. CSI is constantly looking to innovate and are excited to be working with Callaghan Innovation and Victoria University on our R&D programme. It is because of this innovation that the CSI team can happily state that they have the most sophisticated toolkits, technology, and services in New Zealand.

You should ask: What the provider is doing to improve and innovate? What new techniques or technologies have they implemented recently?

Best Practice
With no official NDT standards in New Zealand at present, the CSI team operates using top-end international standards. We like to think we are setting the benchmark for the industry until standards are put in place. Because of this we stand behind our work 100% and have the Professional Indemnity Insurance to back it up – engineers can have confidence in the advice they are receiving from us. Our clients receive robust and comprehensive reporting so that they have all of the information they need to do their jobs well.

You should ask: What standards does the provider operate by? Do they have insurance and do they back their work?

In Summary

Selecting an NDT provider is a decision not to be taken lightly but with this guide, we hope you are better equipped to make the right choice for your project. Ask lots of questions, talk to previous clients, check credentials and look for expertise and innovation. Value is about so much more than just price.

And of course, if you are interested in learning more about NDT or have any use for the CSI services drop us a line here:


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