It is with great excitement that CSI has recently purchased a new GSSI scanning kit. The team is fighting over […]

March 20th, 2020

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It is with great excitement that CSI has recently purchased a new GSSI scanning kit.

The team is fighting over access to it already 😊.  The CSI team, already exceptionally proficient in the use of GPR scanners and electromagnetic scanners spent a total of 3 days in discovery and training to become proficient users of the new gear.  They are particularly impressed with the high standard of Software with the scanners.

As usual, CSI will also be running some of their own R & D and internal training days so that the team leads the field in the use of GSSI scanners for concrete and steel.

These scanners can collect data up to 1m in concrete, with reliable clarity of information.  Also, with the Palm Scanner, we are now able to access those tight spaces.  We can report in full 3-D and have the ability to export to CAD.

GSSI Palm Scanner
GSSI Palm scanner – perfect for those tight spaces

For those people out there interested in these things; here are some technical specifications:

SIR4000 Control unit

  • IP64, operating temperature -20 to 40C
  • 32GB internal memory, 1GB RAM memory
  • Compatible with all GSSI antennas, receives data from either 1 analogue channel or 1 digital channel, either from a single or dual frequency antenna
  • 32 bit data format, scan intervals of up to 4000scans/s selectable, samples per scan of 256 to 16384, time/distance/point mode capable
  • Time range selectable 0-20000 nanoseconds, automatic filtering, smart antenna recognition
  • 6 hour battery run time (based on 2 fully charged batteries)
  • Can be mounted on side stand or worn by the operator using a harness
GSSI SIR4000 scanner unit

1.6 Ghz antenna

  • The 1600 MHz is a high-resolution, all-purpose antenna used to inspect concrete structures to locate embedded rebar, post-tension cables and conduits. It is also a popular choice for bridge deck condition assessment and to determine concrete cover
  • 0-500mm depth range
  • Front offset of around 90mm (this may differ when installed into the structure scan cart, it is good to get the operators to do a measurement from the very front of the cart to the middle of the antenna to get true offset)
  • StructureScan cart has dead-man switch, marker switch and marker counter
  • StructureScan cart extendable handle is available for extensive floor, wall/ceiling operations

Palm 2.0 Ghz antenna

  • The Palm Antenna offers users the ability to reach tightly spaced areas that were previously inaccessible such as corners, against walls and around obstructions
  • The antenna includes a dedicated survey wheel, a replaceable skid plate, and removable handle to reduce antenna height, if necessary
  • Cross-polarized to aid in the detection of non-metallic services, survey encoder direction can be adjusted based on the direction of travel required
  • 0-400mm depth range
  • Front offset is 45mm

900Mhz antenna

  • The 900 MHz antenna is designed for applications requiring shallow penetration down to 1 m, including void detection, concrete thickness assessment, and shallow pipe location.
  • It can also be used for location of rebar where space is not limited
  • 0-1000mm depth range
  • Has tow bracket attached, and its own survey encoder
  • Front offset is 150mm-170mm

Radan 7 software

  • Easy Processing feature- automated processing wizard that recommends the best processes for cleaning up and improving data
  • On-screen help features
  • Performance – multiple software threads are able to run in parallel, enabling higher levels of software performance and speed
  • Enhanced, easy-to-use 3D capabilities
  • Batch Processing – significant enhancements to speed repetitive tasks such as processing large data sets
  • GPS and 3D Integration – software will allow easy integration of 3D data sets that have been collected with GPS positioning information, allowing interpolation of non-parallel lines
  • AutoCAD Target output – seamless output of interpreted data results to AutoCAD
  • Ideal for single- or multi-channel data processing

It’s early days for us with the new GSSI scanning equipment and we’re looking forward to putting the tools to good use helping with our clients non-destructive structural testing. If you have any questions at all on the equipment or how it can help just let us know.


North Island – Central and North, Auckland: 0800 33 77 67

Greater Wellington region and South Island: 0800 30 20 20


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