Unreinforced Masonry

Unreinforced Masonry or (URM) is a type of construction that has in the past been widely used in New Zealand, It can comprise of brick/stone or concrete blocks that are unreinforced and only bonded with a mortar or ties. URM structures pose a very real risk to failure and collapse in a significant earthquake, causing major repercussions.

While there are many ways and methods to secure and work with URM in existing structures it is paramount that the existing components condition and properties are tested so that an effective design can be applied.

URM Services:

  • Concrete and URM scanning,
    • Identifying ties and spacing in existing URM structures.
    • Identifying cavities and thickness of existing URM structures.
    • Identifying mortar compaction.
    • Scanning nearby RC prior to use as structural connection.
  • In situ measurement of masonry mortar joint shear strength
  • URM compression testing.
  • Anchor testing.
  • Camera and drone survey.
  • Scratch testing.

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