The aftermath of ‘Chaos in Construction’ paper

Last year Concrete Structure Investigations Ltd (CSI) published a paper titled ‘Chaos In Construction: The Fall and Fall of NZ […]

July 29th, 2020

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Last year Concrete Structure Investigations Ltd (CSI) published a paper titled ‘Chaos In Construction: The Fall and Fall of NZ Structures’

It generated a bit of interest, as CSI’s perspective was quite a unique one; in that we use non-destructive testing technologies to ‘look inside’ existing structures.

While some sectors were not pleased to have the paper published, it did generate some positive outcomes.  Not least of all, that the ‘players’ in the construction of buildings (including Developers and the Government – being the biggest Developer in the country) hopefully take note that cheap builds and poor workmanship can be detected even though the concrete has been poured over the top.

We also had the opportunity to talk to some interested parties (like Non-destructive Testing NZ) that are trying to set standards in our industry, which will also raise the standard of Quality Assurance (QA) throughout the construction sector.

We also had the opportunity to hear from people who had witnessed appalling non-compliance on worksites, and have some interesting discussions about the impact of Developer’s driving prices down for construction and shifting risk from themselves on to Construction Companies.

CSI had the opportunity to talk with various media outlets, raising awareness of the issues we had found.  For CSI, it was not so much concern for the buildings we had already inspected; the issue was those that were not yet identified.

CSI is part of a task force with some concerned proactive members in the industry, in terms of Drossbachs, and is working to establish better controls and awareness around some of the issues observed.

The great aspect of CSI’s work is that we get to be part of the solution.  Identifying non-compliance that could have very negative consequences, so that Engineers can plan remediation, is a really positive outcome for any company, and CSI is no different.  It is good to note that remediation takes place in all but one or two cases (where CSI continues to follow up).

For a few weeks after CSI’s paper came out, we had a dearth of enquiries ☹!  But are very relieved to see that our loyal (and new) clients are back to us for that most important QA.  We are thrilled to be busy and part of the solution!!!

And finally, if you did miss it or would just like a refresher – here is a link to the original paper published back in October 2019.

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