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In recent weeks, the CSI team has found a particular demand for night work.  It is great that CSI can […]

August 13th, 2020

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CSI working at night

In recent weeks, the CSI team has found a particular demand for night work.  It is great that CSI can meet the client’s needs by working overnight. The types of locations that we typically work in during the evenings are high traffic areas, assisting with important infrastructure services such as railway, bus routes, tunnels, bridges, and roads. We have also noticed a continued demand for after-hours work as this ensures that businesses don’t have their productivity negatively affected.

Special demands come with night work, in particular, the demands on staff working overnight. This poem sums it up nicely for our staff…

It’s been a wreck me week
Sixty plus from dusk to dawn
In the red dirt heat
Busting it up for a couple of pawns
But it ain’t no thing
Just another day till I’m on my way
To them cool, cool beers for you and me

CSI have to consider all of the specific health and safety aspects of night work; such as the team being able to see and be seen by on coming traffic! Strong lighting is required along with hi-vis vests, road closures, cones and plenty of coffee!

CSI team working the graveyard shift
One of the CSI team on the graveyard shift

We did some of our own (informal) research into how night shift work effects sleep patterns. We found that night shift work is often referred to as the ‘graveyard shift’. An old legend has it that the term came from graveyard workers who were on the lookout for instances where they accidently put a person in a coffin who was still alive! While not something our team is at risk of doing, to help manage workload (and sleep requirements) we make sure we share this work around to avoid overworking our staff! Spare a thought for those guys and gals keeping the wheels turning while you are snoozing.

Many shift work jobs involve protecting and caring for others, making quick decisions, driving, or operating machinery, so the issue of shift work and safety is an important one. There are many reasons shift work can be dangerous, but here at CSI we look after own team and divide up the hours safely, so our staff have time to rest.

You can be confident that If you have a task that needs doing at night contact us today – our team are ready and able to help out!

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