The CSI Solution Finder expands to include Wharfs and Bridges

Our SOLUTION FINDER is intended to be a quick look at ‘what CSI can do for you’ in terms of […]

April 27th, 2018

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Our SOLUTION FINDER is intended to be a quick look at ‘what CSI can do for you’ in terms of Non-destructive Testing (NDT).  We started with a Commercial Building model that you click around on our website and see a list of what can be done with each Key Element.  E.g  Walls, Floors, Basements, Columns and Beams, and Foundations.

Now we have expanded to include Bridges (shown above) and Wharves (below image).

A quick scroll around our Bridge Solution Finder page has details on our services for bridge testing including:

  • Crack Tests
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Bridge Deck Scanning
  • Post Stressed Tendon Testing

And under our Wharf Solution Finder page, you’ll find details such as:

  • Pile Integrity Testing
  • Wharf Deck Testing
  • Sea Wall Tests

We still consider this a ‘work in progress’ as we need our clients input in terms of all the data they require to be collected from these infrastructure projects.  The structure examples and testing methods CSI have included so far is the type of data already requested of us.  We know that there are many unique jobs out there, getting us to think outside of the square – please do tell!

We are very interested in your feedback as to whether this is a useful ‘quick click’ answer to your questions.  For feedback to us and more detailed information please call us on 0800 33 77 67 or email

Check out our Solution Finder WHARF page or our BRIDGE page. We look forward to hearing about whether you found it useful and suggestions for any improvements that could be made to it.

For more information on how CSI can help with structural testing contact CSI at or phone 0800 33 7767.

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