Natural Hazards Cluster Group Meeting

We felt very privileged to host the recent Natural Hazards Cluster Group meeting. In this photo, Philip Yong of Clendon, […]

March 15th, 2018

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We felt very privileged to host the recent Natural Hazards Cluster Group meeting.

Natural Hazards Group meeting

In this photo, Philip Yong of Clendon, Burns, and Park is talking about some of their firm’s exciting projects overseas – in particular, their use of Seismic Base Isolators and also their Alternative Designs that won the day in competitive tenders.

It is refreshing to hear from clients willing to embrace a different approach using cutting edge designs and technologies.  Often the solutions that they are using result in increased longevity for the structures.

We then showcased the latest CSI video which gives a snapshot of the services on offer and the chance to meet the CSI team.  This resulted in a healthy discussion about the state of grout-filled ducts in Drossbachs and the startling statistics that came from our non-destructive investigations using the Ultrasonic equipment.  Many of the group were shocked at how many Drossbachs were unfilled or only partially filled.  We were also keen to point out the value of this type of testing for Quality Assurance!

Of interest to us at CSI was the advice of several delegations arriving in NZ in the next week or two:  The Indonesian President’s visit in mid-March, the Philippines and Vietnam also have representatives visiting over that time as well – not to mention the Nepalese visit in late April.  New Zealand and Indonesia have many shared interests, being part of the Pacific Islands Forum, East Asia Summit, APEC and many other regional and international forums.  Disaster management will be part of those International briefs and our engineering leader in Auckland, Ronald, will be attending a workshop day with the Indonesian delegation at Te Papa and then a networking function that evening.

It was great to hear about some of the success businesses in the Cluster were having.  Big ‘Ups’ to you all.  We know there is a lot of background work goes in for those successes!!

We finished with a great Networking session and are very thankful to our wonderful CSI Neighbours, Fidel’s Café – for providing delicious and nutritious (or should that be ‘naughty’?) nibbles.  A wonderful accompaniment to the wine, as usual, Fidel’s!!

Thanks again for visiting CSI, it was a pleasure to have you all attend.

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