Britomart Tunnel

November 11th, 2021 / Projects

The design engineer was on site with the drillers to check our scan marks and do some test drills.

Scanning Auckland’s Waterfront

April 20th, 2021 / Projects

Upgrades to the waterfront included breaks in the wharf slab for netting. After construction of the slab...

Determining Condition of Asphalt Layer

April 7th, 2021 / Projects

CSI was asked to determine the integrity or condition of an asphalt layer...

Centreport Ferry Finger Arm Ponding

April 1st, 2021 / Projects

The client needed to drill two core holes through the ferry berth finger arm concrete slab...

Oaks Shores Investigation

March 22nd, 2021 / Projects

Starting from weather tightness issues, drossbach investigations and finally the client needed to identify where penetrations could be made in...

Queens Wharf Upgrade

January 28th, 2021 / Projects

CSI recently worked at Auckland's Queens Wharf, conducting an on-site analysis and scanning of new bollards to ensure the anchors would have...

Bridge QA using new GSSI Bridge Scanner

January 24th, 2020 / Projects

CSI had undertaken some extensive training with the Provider, but there is nothing like working in the field to hone the skills and put that...

Tauranga Tank Farm Project

December 28th, 2019 / Projects

CSI was recently working at a Tank Farm in Tauranga where a replacement turpentine tank was going to be put in place. The Tauranga Tank Farm...