CSI battling with the tides!

The CSI team has been working amongst the waves recently, using our technologies to inspect structures whilst battling with New […]

November 14th, 2019

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The CSI team has been working amongst the waves recently, using our technologies to inspect structures whilst battling with New Zealand weather and marine conditions. The local city Council has commissioned a maintenance assessment on a popular sea wall here in Wellington (you may recognise it from the picture below). Here at CSI, we worked hard to uncover the current condition or ‘health’ the wall is in, along with the appointed engineers.

non destructive testing in a marine environment

How did we do this you may ask, well we undertook a scanning test on the wall which is a non-destructive and non-intrusive technique to discover the details and condition of steel reinforcement within the structure. Our team at CSI also used our ultrasonic devices to ascertain the bar locations. Ultrasonic is another method CSI use that is non-destructive, it utilises sound waves to detect changes in the structure’s material.

We had a few challenges arise during the initial testing phase, the challenges involved working within the environment and how to look after it whilst we worked. As we were coring over water, we needed comprehensive environmental controls so that the slurry wouldn’t fall into the sea. Our team had to use a man cage and a Hiab to suspend us over the water so we could do our work on the wall. The combination of strong Wellington winds and getting splashed with sea salt spray made for a difficult working environment. Along with all this, our CSI team had to coordinate with the tides so they could maximize their work efforts during low tide. The job had its challenges; however, our scanning technologies are portable which allows us to carry out tests in remote areas.

Work on an old military base:

Another ‘watery’ job our team at CSI worked on recently was monitoring the health of a large ramp in the water at an old military base. We had to install monitoring devices for the engineers, enabling them to have an ongoing assessment for durability of the ramp.  The monitoring of structures is a process of using the tools at our disposal to track any changes (e.g. cracking of concrete). Our team thinks it’s great to see this type of practice going on as it means structures can be remediated before it is too late. Once again the CSI team is battling with the tides!

CSI has become very good at withstanding different weather conditions to determine structural capacity. If you have a ‘watery’ structure that needs testing our team are the ones to do it, we will use our non-invasive technologies to inspect the condition of the structure.

If you’d like to learn more on our scanning techniques feel free to contact us or check out our services here.


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