Sargeant Gallery Extension Uncovers Remarkable Treasure

Sargeant Gallery Extension Uncovers Remarkable Treasure

May 5th, 2021

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Welcome to CSI’s monthly blog. While we were gone, an exciting discovery has occurred during the redevelopment of one of New Zealand’s most iconic and best-known heritage buildings.

Daniel Traeger (CSI’s R & D Leader) shared with the team news of the discovery of a 103-year-old Time Capsule, that was uncovered while Contractors were drilling for extensions at the wonderful Sargeant Gallery in Whanganui. The time capsule was removed, and although the drill had broken the glass vessel, the contents – letters, pictures, papers from 1917 and 1918 – were in perfect condition.

The vexed question of who really was the main architect of the Gallery would seem to be answered. It was contentious at the time apparently. And while Principals of Architecture Firms would no doubt have some oversight and input, the main graft and ideas may well come from further down the chain…


It seems a talented young clerk in the office of Edmund Anscombe Architects, going by the name of Donald Hosie was the ideas man and grafter who completed the design almost entirely, and very likely in its entirety.

It is so fabulous, that after all these years, the appropriate person is recognised.  We understand that discussions are underway presently as to how to acknowledge Donald Hosie in the Sargeant Gallery permanently.

We look forward to hearing the outcome.



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