The many different purposes of Non-Destructive Testing

CSI has taken a slightly different approach to this Blog.  We wanted to discuss some of the lesser known purposes […]

May 24th, 2019

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CSI has taken a slightly different approach to this Blog.  We wanted to discuss some of the lesser known purposes for non-destructive testing (NDT).  All of which have positive outcomes for the client!

It is really wonderful to be able to give clients positive news and this happens more often than you would think!  Yes, NDT is great for highlighting issues in buildings, which is important to know, but it can also give clients promising data which can save them considerable money in terms of the retrofit of their buildings.

Clients have also raised with us the usefulness of NDT for finding out the state of the building before purchase (good to know before you spend your hard earned money).  Or even after purchase, but before their contractors come in to make changes/improvements – so they cannot be blamed for any poor construction that already existed !!

We would like to highlight the testimonial given to CSI from Jonathan Carr, Facilities Manager at Oyster Group.  They are very proactive property managers, who are serious about the safety of their buildings and we are privileged to work with them.

“Concrete Structure Investigations have assisted Oyster Property Group with a range of projects in various locations over the past few years. These have included seismic upgrades, seismic investigations, and scanning for general construction works.

 We have found them to run a prompt, accurate and commercially savvy operation that has helped us achieve cost savings through the provision of accurate information. The quality of this information has allowed us to carry out planning and works with confidence and speed resulting in successful projects.

 We will be using them again in the future”.

In short, we hope any possible future issues with retrofits or purchases can be mitigated through the use of NDT technologies.  While not our most prominent purposes, it is one that is definitely growing in popularity!

If you have any questions about NDT feel free to drop us a line at any time, and of course, we’re open to more testimonials as well if you feel inclined.

Thanks for reading our latest blog.

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