Welcome Anuj and… The Silly Season!

This month at CSI we’re welcoming a new team member Anuj, who has hit the ground running these past few […]

December 2nd, 2021

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This month at CSI we’re welcoming a new team member Anuj, who has hit the ground running these past few weeks and with the sun shining we’re also jumping into summer and Christmas!

Anuj has written a blurb about his journey before joining CSI.

Born and raised around construction project sites, I always knew I wanted to be a Civil Engineer. Dumpers and concrete mixer models were my toys. Seeing my father managing the construction of a bridge is the earliest memory that inspired me to choose this career path. I even remember drawing a floor plan of my house in my Art class in the third grade. Growing up, I lived in different parts of India, thus allowing me to understand other cultures and people. 

I completed my Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and started working for Larson and Toubro. I gained valuable experience on a residential project as a Quantity Surveyor as well as an on-site role. But six years into the job, I wanted to expand my horizons and have a different life experience and thus decided to get a Master’s degree in New Zealand.  I chose correctly, it is a beautiful country with humble people. 

I felt very welcome in New Zealand. I started working part-time and then full-time in different industries like Food Production, Packaging, Security, Traffic Control and Construction Labour. Each job taught me different personal and professional skills that come in handy. Also, I always appreciated the respect my supervisors and peers gave me. After working in the construction itself, I then got the opportunity to work on a different aspect of the construction industry for Concrete Structure Investigations Ltd. It’s been three weeks now, and not a day goes by when I don’t learn something new and exciting. Again I am very thankful to the team for being so helpful.

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