The Fall and Fall of NZ Structures

A couple of weeks ago Michael and Jane (CSI Founders and Directors) were interviewed regarding an opinion piece written by […]

October 18th, 2019

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A couple of weeks ago Michael and Jane (CSI Founders and Directors) were interviewed regarding an opinion piece written by CSI on our observations of the construction industry. These observations have been made following the 6+ years CSI has been in business undertaking non-destructive testing of concrete structures across NZ.

The question the paper asks at the very start “Is there cause for serious concern for building structural safety in NZ?” is really at the centre of the opinion piece and the reason for CSI to raise this very controversial topic and to encourage discussion on the issues. This leads into the next question the paper asks, “What could be done to improve the situation?”. And really that is what we all want, a healthy sustainable industry, one that is less stressful for those involved and ultimately – producing a better result for all of New Zealand.

The executive summary talks briefly about the issues that have been identified, from pressure on construction companies to regulation changes and even the high labour and material costs all helping to contribute to a situation that is raising concerns. The consequences of these issues are also highlighted in the paper. Again, these range significantly from financial – with retrofitting being a requirement to the more extreme health and safety implications.

Compromised basement construction

In the paper, CSI offers some suggestions on solutions, including governance and regulation that will help make for a healthier industry. This paper, while initially shared with a small number of media along with government and industry professionals, is now available on the “Engineers Login” section of the CSI website. We’re pleased that the paper has generated some interest in the media – helping to facilitate the discussion and ultimately, improvements across the industry to benefit all of New Zealand for years to come.

We’d like to welcome you to register for free (if you do not already have login details to our Engineers section) and download the full report here. We’re passionate about the industry and improving it for all. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on the paper.

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